Comment Policy

UPDATE: Commenting has been briefly turned off.  (50 spams overnight, one while writing these sentences.)  A little effort will turn up our emails, though.  And check back, we’re just waiting for the spammers to move on for awhile.

Hey.  A few friends and the occasional kind stranger make legitimate comments here, and we’re always very glad to hear from you.  However, we’re getting hit with more than 400 spam comments per week, so open commenting isn’t working, at least not for now.

(Two spam comments came through in the time it took me to write these few sentences.)

We’ve enabled moderation–your comment won’t appear until we approve it.  It’s a hassle, it kills some of the fun and instant gratification of commenting, but we hope those of you who aren’t evil scum-sucking spammers will still take the time to drop us a note.  If you don’t, then the evil scum-suckers have won.


Brian & Adam