Monster Mash part two

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Frank’s best buddy, a vampire dressed like Harry Potter, drags him on a blind double-date at some nightclub’s Halloween party—and one of the women turns out to be … The Bride. (Talk about a relationship that didn’t work out. Awkward.)

His bride … the one created specifically for him. The Bride of Frankenstein. She is smiling and graceful and everything Frank is not. She’s woven electroluminescent wire into her jet-black hair, the flashing purple, pink and dark blue lights accentuating the white lightning-bolt streaks. Frank can’t breathe. He has to get out of here. He hasn’t seen her since …

Since she

Frank scowls at Drake. “Is this some kind of joke? I’m not doing this … ”

Drake says, “Relax … Birdie’s my date.”

“Birdie?” says Frank.

Birdie, the Bride, exits the dance floor with a laughing, blue-eyed blonde cheerleader in tow. It is Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Drake smiles at Frank, saying, “Looks like you get the hot one.” Gillian rolls her bulbous eyes. Drake stands and elegantly takes the Bride’s hand. Somehow Drake’s voice can be heard clearly above the music. “The lovely Birdie, I presume?” He kisses her hand. Birdie melts. Drake says, “ May I introduce my friends, Gillian and Frank.” Gillian smiles and waves awkwardly. The Bride’s gaze lingers a moment on Frank. He looks away.

“I’m pleased to meet you,” says Birdie with a curtsey. “And this is my friend, Charlene.”

Charlene smiles. “Hi.”

Gillian waves. Frank is frozen. Drake glides over to Charlene/cheerleader Buffy. In character, she produces a wooden stake. She says, “‘Did you smell this bad when you were alive?’”

Drake laughs and puts on a Cockney accent. “‘So. Who do you kill for fun around here?’”

Charlene is taken aback. “Nice Spike impression. Not many people would get my costume, much less that quote.”

Drake says, “Since I don’t need sleep anymore and I can’t really go out in the daytime, I watch a lot of TV. I’m almost done with Netflix.”

“With Buffy on Netflix?”

“No.  With Netflix.”

Charlene laughs. Drake shoots Frank a look. Get over here. Frank fumbles to his feet and holds out a hand to cheerleader Buffy. “Nice to meet you, Charlene. I’m Frank.”

Charlene says, “Hey, big guy.” She smiles and chucks him on the shoulder. “Solid. You must work out … ”

“Uh … not really,” says Frank.

“Let’s get comfortable,” says Drake, pulling Birdie into the semicircle booth. Charlene scoots in by Frank. Gillian finds herself trapped in the middle.

Charlene looks at Gillian. “Oh. My. God. I love your costume! May I?”

Gillian hesitates fluttering her gills. “Uh … Sure?”

Charlene reaches over Frank and gently touches Gillian’s amphibian skin. Charlene gasps. Frank tenses up. Charlene whispers, “You’re real!” Gillian pulls her arm away. Charlene says, “Wow, you are so amazing! I’ve never met anyone like you before. Are you a mutant or an alien?”

Gillian blinks. Then she smiles. “I’m not sure. I’m the last of my kind, I think. Prehistoric … According to human history, at least.”

Charlene says, “Too cool.”

Frank waits for more, but Charlene just turns and smiles at him. He says, “So … what do you know about me?”

“You’re a total surprise,” says Charlene. “Birdie told me not to make any plans for tonight, and here I am.”

Frank’s mouth opens … and nothing comes to him.

Gillian asks Birdie and Drake, “How did you two meet?”

“This is our first time meeting in real life,” Birdie smiles and nudges Drake. She’s a full head taller than he is. “But we’ve been talking for quite a while over the Internet.”

“Sexting,” smiles Drake.

Charlene bursts out laughing and leans on Frank, who grimaces. Birdie looks mortified and elbows Drake hard.

Gillian forces a smile and nods. “That’s … nice?”

A new song starts. Birdie says, “I love this song!” at the same time Drake says, “This is my new favorite song!” They smile at each other and Drake takes Birdie’s hand. They run off to the dance floor.

Charlene regards Gillian and Frank. “So … are you two a couple?”

Frank is startled. “Well, I … Heh. No, no. Just friends.” He fiddles with the tablecloth.

Gillian chuckles. She sips her drink, looking out onto the dance floor.

Charlene smiles. “Too bad. Frank seems like quite a catch, right, big guy?” She leans into him, massaging his arm.

Gillian says, “I can barely hear anything in here. I’m going outside for some air.” Gillian scoots the long way around the semi-circle booth, leaving Frank with Charlene. Gillian waddles through the crowd to the back door. Charlene watches Frank watching Gillian.

Charlene says, “She seems like a really nice girl.”

Frank snaps out of it and looks to Charlene. He says, “Yeah. Yeah we’ve been friends for a long time.”

Charlene smiles knowingly. “Okay, big guy. I was promised a date when I got here tonight. So are we doing this or not?”

Frank swallows. “Yeah, sorry. Drink?”


“I don’t really … ”

“You do tonight!” Charlene pulls him. Frank stands reluctantly.  His eyes dart back to the table, to his drink, then search for the absent Gillian.  All the while, Charlene is pulling him toward the dancing humans.


But wait, there’s more!  Part three!

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