Monster Mash part four

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Part one: Monsters in a nightclub! Part two: Awkward silence! Part three: A piercing scream from behind a dark curtain! Which may be a good thing, if you think about it, since it interrupts Frank’s reminiscing with his former Bride.

Frank and Birdie leap down from the platform. Frank rips a curtain aside revealing Charlene huddled in the shadows. Drake is backing away from her. Frank slams Drake to the wall. “What’s going on here?”

From the shadows Charlene yells, “Your little friend is a jerk!” Birdie runs over to Charlene.

Drake hisses quietly to Frank. “Charlene is … she’s … She’s hiding her appearance with a spell!”

Frank’s eyes widen in surprise. He furrows his brow, looking down. Then he looks at Drake. His eyes narrow. Frank quietly growls, “So?”

Drake blinks. “It just … startled me.”

Frank lets go and Drake falls to the floor. Frank makes fists. Then he closes his eyes. He counts. “One … two … three … ”

At “ten” he relaxes. He scowls at Drake. “Drake. You’re always fucking things up, and being a dick, and if Gillian has so much as a hangover, I’m decapitating you.”

Drake slumps. “Dude, I’m sorry those guys messed with Gillian … but she’s going to be just fine. We can’t let our fear keeps us from living … ”

Frank pokes Drake in the chest. “Says the dead guy who just moved out of his parents’ basement!”

Drake says, “Yeah? Well, forgive me for trying to bring a little joy into your life. I thought you were cool … but you’re just a scared old man.”

Frank grimaces. “There’s a difference between scared and cautious … ”

“Got it. ‘Fire! Nnnuhhh!’”

Frank’s eyes go wide.  He inhales through gritted teeth.  His arm rises to strike.  Frank pauses.  His body, tensed for action, slowly relaxes. He doesn’t slap Drake’s face clean off.

“I’m getting another drink.” Drake storms off.

Birdie comforts Charlene. Charlene says, “I just thought … I thought, you know, monster to monster, I could be myself.” Frank walks closer. Charlene leans forward into the light revealing her true features. She’s got green skin, a bulbous nose with moles and kinky black hair. A real witch.


Frank says, “Vampires are superficial … Drake doubly so.” Frank looks closer at Charlene true face.

Charlene smiles wryly. “Not so hot now, huh?”

Frank offers a hand. “Hotter.”

“Even so,” Charlene takes Frank’s hand, “let me put my face on.” She draws a complex pattern in the air and the glamour returns.

Birdie smiles, busting out her best Madonna moves. “Strike a pose!”

Charlene says. “Okay, big guy … shall we see how Gillian is doing?”

Ten minutes later, Frank gazes into the water, watching Gillian with Mary. Charlene nudges Birdie towards Frank. Birdie tentatively sits down. “Hi.”

Frank stares into the tank. “Hi.”

Birdie says, “You’re going with the name Frank, huh?”

Frank glances at Birdie. He is hesitant. “Better than The Monster.” He looks down at Gillian, who is gliding around the tank with Mary. Gillian is so graceful underwater.

Birdie and Frank stare into the water. Birdie says, “I’m sorry. About back then. I reacted … badly. I was scared. I’m really sorry.”

Frank’s eyes glisten.  He says, “I never thought I’d hear that.”  For the first time tonight, Frank turns and really looks at Birdie.  She looks so sincere and maybe a little frightened.  He slumps. “I’m sorry, too.”

They sit in silence watching Gillian swim with Mary.

Finally, Birdie speaks. “You know, Drake’s been trying to get you to come out for a long time. I think he’s worried about you being holed up in your apartment.”

“He needs to be more cautious,” says Frank.

“Like you, safe in your own little fortress?” says Birdie.

Frank says, “I guess. What about you?”

Birdie says, “I’ve made a lot of friends, been taken into many families. I’ve been really lucky.

Frank sighs. “Well, you’re beautiful. It is not as easy to love something that looks like me.”

Birdie puts her hand on Frank’s. Frank smiles weakly. Birdie smiles back. They only knew each other for a moment, so long ago …

A gunshot rings out.


The spine-tingling climax:  Part five!

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