Monster Mash part five

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Frankenstein in a nightclub! What could go wrong? Besides double-dating with his long-lost Bride? And his best friend getting stoned? Well, the heart-to-heart conversation wasn’t his kinda fun. Oh, and just now, there was that gunshot. That can’t be good.

People scream. The music stops. Frank peers down through the tank, trying to make out what is going on in the club. The crowd parts. An angry Batman is pointing a smoking gun at Warren, who is sprawled on the floor. A cute girl in a Catwoman costume clings to Warren’s furry, bleeding shoulder and yells at the Batman. “Back off, Jimmy!”

Jimmy the Batman waves his gun menacingly. “Holly came here with me. She’s mine!”

Warren says, “I don’t think she sees it that way, pal.” Warren digs into his bleeding shoulder with his claws. “You totally ruined my John Travolta suit!” Holly gags as Warren flicks the bloody bullet away.

“I’ve got the gun!” yells Jimmy. “I make the rules.” Jimmy shoots Warren in the leg. Holly screams.

“Come on!” Warren howls. “Not the pants, too!”

Frank, Birdie and Charlene struggle against the flood of fleeing people. They can’t get to Warren. Suddenly, Drake is standing next to Jimmy. “You don’t want to hurt anyone, pal.” Jimmy starts to lower his gun. Drake smiles. “Good. Good.”

“Drake! Behind you!” yells Frank pushing through the screaming crowd.

A man dressed as the Punisher tackles Drake into the handrail around the dance floor.  It splinters under their weight.  The Punisher stands and looks at Jimmy the Batman saying, “I got your back, bro!”

Jimmy shakes off Drake’s charm and says, “Thanks, Jesse!”  Jimmy presses the gun to Warren’s head.  “Take off that stupid mask.”

“This is no mask.” Warren slaps the gun away and attacks. Jimmy goes flying across the dance hall.  He skids to a stop on the floor and doesn’t move.  Blood seeps up through the claw-slashed Batman costume.

Holly screams, “Jimmy!”

A dazed Drake stands up. Jesse the Punisher roundhouse kicks Drake. Drake falls into the splintered remains of the balusters sticking up from the floor.

“Drake!” cries Birdie.

The wood punches into Drake’s chest and out the back of his Harry Potter cloak, spraying blood everywhere. Drake slowly stands, snapping the baluster off the ground.  Drake looks at the bloody piece of wood protruding from his chest. He gingerly touches it. “That’s a hell of a thing.” He collapses.

“Self-defense, bitch!” the Punisher spits as he kicks Drake’s unmoving body. Suddenly, Frank arrives and smashes the Punisher down, splintering floorboards and shattering bones.

The club is nearly empty. Holly weeps over Jimmy. The monsters gather around Frank, who gently cradles Drake. Drake seems very small in his arms.

“No. No,” says Birdie. Charlene holds her.

Frank hugs Drake. “You crazy little idiot.”

The monsters look devastated.

Drake groans, “Not … dead … yet … ”

Frank’s face lights up. “Hold on, buddy. You’re going to be all right.” Frank grabs the end of the baluster. “This is going to hurt.” Frank quickly pulls out the wood. Drake screams.

Warren says, “He could probably use some blood.”

Birdie offers an arm to Drake, cradled in Frank’s arms. Drake can’t bite down hard enough to break the skin. Birdie pushes her arm into his fangs. Drake gently laps at the blood that flows.

Warren kneels beside Drake. “That’s right. Drink it in. It’s going to take a lot of energy to heal that.”

Charlene puts her hand on Frank’s shoulder and squeezes. Frank gives her a quick smile through teary eyes. Frank hears the slap, slap, slap noise of Gillian walking toward him. Gillian kneels down and opens Drake’s Harry Potter cloak to see the wound. Before their eyes, the bloody hole is starting to knit itself together again. Frank chuckles wryly.

“Damn idiot,” says Frank. “Scaring us like that.”

Frank hears a squeak. He looks around and sees Holly kneeling over her fallen Batman.  Her eyes dart from one monster to another.  Her lips tremble.

Frank says, “I think we have a problem.”

“On it,” says Drake. He winces raising his head enough to look at Holly.  Frank quickly rearranges his arms, cradling Drake’s new position.  Drake says, “We’ve had a lovely evening, but I think it is time for you to leave. Thank you and good night!” Holly nods and walks towards the exit.  Only Batman Jimmy and Punisher Jesse are left, unconscious on the floor.

Drake says, “You can put me down, Frank.”

“Drake, you were dead a minute ago.”

“I got better,” says Drake. Frank shrugs and gingerly puts him down. Drake sways a bit, then stands. The monsters breathe a sigh of relief.

Gillian and Warren walk side by side with Drake, steadying him. Warren whines, “Aw, man! I was going to get lucky tonight.” He looks down. “He just had to go and ruin the pants too.”

Birdie steps up to Frank, holding her arm. Frank raises an eyebrow. Birdie blushes, looking at Drake. “I like the little guy.” She looks at Frank. “Is this going to be weird? Me dating your friend?”

Frank says, “It’s always going to be weird between us.”

Birdie looks away.

Frank says, “But I think it will be okay.”

Birdie smiles and puts a hand to Frank’s cheek. “I’m sorry I hurt you.”

Frank says, “Thanks.”

Birdie smiles and crosses the floor to Drake who is now sitting in a booth, inspecting his healing wound. Frank can’t hear what they’re saying, but it seems serious.  Birdie sits down in the booth with Drake and looks him in the eye. Birdie smiles. Drake stifles a laugh. It hurts him.  Frank grins wryly.  What are the odds?

Charlene dances up to Frank and leans on him.  She giggles. “That was definitely a date.  In fact, I’m counting it as two dates.”

Frank laughs. Charlene is funny. This is good for him. Frank says, “So … Charlene. Can I have your number?”

She smiles. “I know when a guy likes a girl.” She quickly scribbles on a napkin and slips it into Frank’s hand. She gives him a kiss on the cheek and looks at the stage.  She makes a “come here” gesture. Her broom appears from behind the curtains. Charlene and Birdie hop on and wave as the broom flies out of the club.

Frank unfolds the note. It says, “You already have a girlfriend.” She’s drawn a smiley face at the bottom of the napkin.  Frank looks up at the prehistoric amphibian woman waving to the mermaid in the tank. He smiles.

Warren claps his hands. “Okay monsters, we’ve got two minutes, tops, before the human authorities show up. Let’s get a move on!”

Frank carries Gillian to the Pathfinder, parked a few blocks away. He’s glad to see it is still in one piece. He loads Gillian into the passenger seat. Drake and Warren climb in back as they hear approaching sirens.

Franks starts driving toward his apartment. The sky is starting to brighten. Drake looks wistfully out the window and whispers, “I want to see the sunrise.”

Frank drives them up to a bluff overlooking the city. Frank has some blankets in the back. He gives the heaviest one to Drake as Warren scrambles onto the hood.  Frank takes another blanket and wraps it around Gillian, who is sitting on a small stone wall at the edge of the grassy hill. He sits next to her, and she leans into him. He wraps an arm around her. The eastern sky has shifted from purple to pink. Drake has the hatchback of the SUV open, safely facing west, the heavy blanket wrapped tightly around him, hiding all but a sliver of his face.  Even so, he doesn’t dare look east.

“Have you ever looked at something that you see every day … and suddenly it’s new and different?” asks Gillian. She’s still kind of out of it, and the colors of the dawn are spectacular.

Recording the sunrise with his cell phone, Frank glances at her and says, “Yeah.”

Warren stands up on the hood of the SUV and lets out a last wolf howl as he morphs back into a short, wiry human who doesn’t really fill out the monster-sized John Travolta suit. Frank slides off the wall and walks to the back of the Pathfinder. Facing east, he stands in front of the bundled Drake.  The vampire’s eyes peek out of the blanket.  Frank presses Play on the phone and holds it up for Drake. On the screen, a golden sun slowly rises over the horizon.  Drake’s eyes glisten.  He reaches out and eagerly takes the phone, pulling it under the protective blanket.  He watches for a full minute.

“Thanks, man,” Drake says.

Frank smiles. “Thanks for making me go out.”

Drake pulls the hatch down as the sky gets brighter. “You’re welcome.” He closes the hatch.

The end.  Thanks for reading!

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