Star Wars Episode VII!

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When the new Star Wars movies were announced, Adam thought of drawing nothing else. He and Brian traded some ideas. Now … some time later … Adam debuts a collection of sketches that amount to a creative exorcism. Let the Sith rise …

Star Wars Episode VII wish list…

When they announced Star Wars Episode VII, I wrote this to Brian:

And I am wanting to come up with a poster for Star Wars Episode 7. Any thoughts?  Clearly, it needs to be “Rise of the Sith.”  Or maybe something completely different.
I thought it might be funny if the story reflected where the actors have gone in their careers and lives.
  • Luke: Mark Hamill has gone on to become the voice of Joker, Solomon Grundy, and The Spectre. (He does lots of others too…)  But I thought it would be neat if Luke also grew in power but flirted with the dark side.  Maybe he is even a villain at this point?
  • Leia: Carrie Fisher has become kind of a hippie comedian.  I thought Leia might be getting into the Force in a way that the Jedi don’t … from a more emotional viewpoint.  She has the power but doesn’t use it as Yoda would.
  • Han: Harrison Ford has conquered the world of film while personal happiness seems elusive.  (Married three times … now to a much younger woman.)  I thought this dynamic could be pretty cool, where Han has become a successful leader, but has left Leia and has a new girlfriend.  It could make all their interactions exciting in that “Empire Strikes Back” way.
Nobody else really rates a comeback.  I mean, clearly I would like to have R2-D2, C-3PO and Chewbacca in there.  I guess Lando ought to be there too.  Unfortunately, they killed off Vader, Boba Fett, Jabba, the Emperor, and (apparently) all the Sith.  So, maybe it should be an entirely new menace?
Any must haves?  Like, “I want to see Luke move a planet with the power of his mind”?

And Brian wrote back:

Okay, some thoughts, partly influenced by stuff I am vaguely aware of happening in the post-Jedi novels …
“Rise of the Sith” is a great title, because it has action and menace, like “Empire …” or “Phantom Menace.”  Keep it.  But if I were to harken back to “A New Hope,” I’d call this one “A New Generation.”
* * *

Leia and Han have twins, right?  Leia, in all her current Carrie Fisherness, stands behind two young Jedi, a boy and a girl.

* * *

Luke is black-robed, half in shadow.

Behind him is an equally shadowy redhead in black–the Mara Jade character.  Hint of something sexy and femme fatale, but it’s not clear.  Maybe she’s an evil force, maybe it’s just harsh lighting.

* * *

Han Solo is on the opposite side of the poster from Leia (playing to your divorce scenario).

* * *

Couple options:  Solo lies dead, Pieta/Supergirl-in-Crisis, in the arms of a silver-grey, skinnier Chewbacca.  Oh noes–is the aging space pirate dead?

* * *

Or, Solo is alive, and as old as Ford, and he holds a girl (under 30 and Flockhearty, which might mean a micro-miniskirt a la Ally McBeal) clutched to him, one arm around her waist, their lower bodies pulled together, their faces pulled back enough that they can gaze into each other’s eyes, smiling, banter-y.  Yet each of them has behind their backs a blaster, indicating a lack of trust.  (I like that as a separate poster, done in the style of Alphonse Mucha).  (Bonus points if she’s a recognizable species of alien, such as the blue chicks with the long head … things.)

* * *

R2 and 3PO.  R2 may be the same, but 3PO has a new body, like, you know how where his abs should be is exposed wires?  Now it’s empty space–force fields, he’s so slick and high-tech now.

* * *

Lando looks grim and contemplative, he is a detective in this story, because he’s unraveling a dark mystery no one else believes in:  He’s holding the cracked helmet of Darth Vader and gazing at it as though it holds a clue … to the future.  (Alternatively, this could be done with Luke, if you don’t like the Mara Jade business.)

Bonus thoughts:
  • A “rise of the sith” image:  A near-silhouetted army of children, each with their right arms raised overhead–clutching a double-bladed light sabre, red blades stretched horizontally.
  • Two ghost heads behind it all.  The young-Anakin ghost of Vader against the hooded head of the emperor.  Is this purely symbolic, or do their ghosts actually play a role in this story?
  • You KNOW a plotline would have to be one of Leia’s kids flirting with the Dark Side.


* * *

As for your thoughts, all good stuff, but your ideas struck me as more “story element” than “poster element.”  I mean, if you’re doing the standard Star Wars montage poster, how do you showcase that Carrie Fisher idea?  Or even the Luke one, in any depth?  I don’t think you should try to convey “Luke moves planets with his brain” in the poster.

Fun plot device:  1) Scientists discover that there’s no such thing as mitoclorians.
* * *
Or 2) evil scientists synthesize them and inject them like steroids into evil soldiers, creating an instant generation of Sith — more powerful than Luke’s struggling Jedi Academy, and more numerous, but not as skilled.
Blah blah blah.  Use any or all or none of these.  Can’t wait to see.


* * *

Some loose daily sketches …




And a moment of autobiography:

As you can plainly see, I spend entirely too much time thinking about Star Wars.  I’m going to try to stop that now.


Any time now.

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