Flies persist …

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First thing I noticed in Adam’s art for yesterday’s “The Persistence of Flies,” was that he drew almost no flies. Except for the one holding the mojito, which, like the other leftovers, was too cool to not post as well.

Having sent him one paragraph I’d written three years ago in the lazy, sun-bright French countryside, whose full story I no longer recalled, I wondered whether he’d come up with an actual cartoon narrative, in a few panels, or explore a variety of possibilities.  Naturally, he kinda did both.  Yesterday we ran my sentences and his most narrative art.  Here are the outtakes.

Those could be metaphorical angels/demons on our central character’s shoulder.  In which Jesus is on the right, and the devil is played by esteemed actress Alfre Woodard.  Maybe.  But hey, flies!

This one makes me think of Johnny Depp playing Hunter S. Thompson’s character in The Rum Diary.  I don’t know why.  Must be the shirt.

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