Sketchbook: Agua Venenosa Road Show

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Adam cut loose on our latest story/art collaboration, drawing more than I could use. So here’s the second bonus all-art post. This time, our resident artist proves that the animation world’s gain is most definitely the auto industry’s loss.

When I wrote the Agua Venenosa story, I thought I’d be lucky to get one quick sketch for each of the five chapters.  Adam is a busy dude.  I had no idea I’d get so much art, ranging from loose concepts to polished illustrations, that I’d have to open with a zero chapter just to showcase the art I couldn’t fit into the story pages.  And I didn’t expect to close out with another sketchbook section, but I’m glad to do so.

So, with no further blather, here is a series of sketches he did for the car our hero and his stolen sexbot use to escape the fortified compound of the nefarious mad scientist/keptomaniac “Memento” Morii.

I really loved the series of car designs Adam did.  He took the minimal cues presented in the text and ran with it.  And the drawings have a certain retro advertising-concept design that I really like, and that marks the third or fourth flavor he brought to this project.

Okay, a little extra blather.  Eve would insist that I point out that she’s not “stolen,” but self-liberated and autonomous.  Also, she’d take umbrage at “sexbot,” referring back to the autonomy thing.  Thus one corner of my imagination owes another corner an apology.  Just like real life, but more insular!

Refer back to Chapter Five to see which design made it into the story proper.

This was a fun thing to work on. We’ll return to this world. By which I mean, you should stop by again on Friday, maybe.

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