Agua Venenosa 00: An Artistic Preview

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Think of this as the trailer for the five-part story that will debut here in two days.  Adam went nuts on the art, with sketches and finished pieces, so we decided to start with outtakes, to whet the appetite.

To help break the art out on the page, I’m going to blather here a bit.  It’s just text as a design element, so feel free to skip to the pretty pictures.


The story is called, “Thursday, Agua Venenosa.”  Adam and I are split on whether such an understated title works for what’s meant to be an adventure romp.  But we’re in agreement that I can’t think of anything better, so there it stands.  What bothers me is, why “Thursday”?  It sounds better than any other day inserted into that title.  What’s the vibe of Thursday that makes it the hands-down choice?




The setting is the relatively near future, kind of a Neuromancer vibe of made-up technology amid a socio-political commentary.  Not that there’s a lot of room for the latter, amid all the sex and things blowing up.  I suppose there is a little William Gibson and Blade Runner influencing my conception here, two flavors I’ll investigate more thoroughly if (when) I return to this world, but really I was trying more for a pop-action sensibility, the dense energy of Matt Fraction’s Casanova comics, the glib fun of a James Bond movie (especially before the grimmer Daniel Craig run), and maybe the weirdness of Grant Morrison’s more fun issues of Batman.


Probably the most entertaining element from a visual sense is the inclusion of a pop star, an actress/singer/tabloid sensation named Evangeline Vivre.  I sprinkled the story with reference to her various movies, songs and albums, and Adam delivers sketches of pretty much all of them.


At right, an early version of Vivre in one of her sexier roles.  At right, a later version, more “on model” with Adam’s vision.  Here, we see Vivre (partially) costumed for her role as Sexy DEA Agent in the romantic thriller Resisting Arrest (2027).

I’m thinking that pretty much every Hollywood role she plays has “sexy” as adjective, because sure, the future will be different, but not that different.




The highlight of this sprawling tale of robots, urban espionage and mimosas is the full-color posters Adam produced for Vivre’s various projects.  Below is an initial sketch for one such film, the romantic thriller Burning Eden (2024), which I sort of envisioned as one of those anachronistic period dramas that are all about getting the actress into complicated satiny underthings.  Each chapter of the story, rolling out two days apart, has at least one of these pieces.





Not all of these villain designs, at right, could make it into the finished posts, but don’t worry.  The one at the far right will be cast as the next Beloved Leader of North Korea.



Did I mention cars yet?  We’ve got cars.  Well, the story pretty much has one car, but Adam drew about a dozen versions of it.  We’ll be posting several of them, because I’m less concerned with flawlessly marrying picture to prose than I am about looking at all the cool art.


We promise fast cars, beautiful women, a cackling villain and a morally suspect hero.  Stick with the proven formula, amigos. So please, come back for the first part of “Thursday, Agua Venenosa,” in a mere two days.

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