Brian’s Video Debut

Jan 11, 2013 by     Comments Off on Brian’s Video Debut    Posted under: Brian Wrote This
Every year, my company does a holiday card.  This year, the gimmick was a staff picture that was clickable–you click me, you get a “gift” from me. In this case, a video explaining why I didn’t make a video.

To the degree that you can call this two-minute spectacle “written” or “edited,” I wrote it and edited it.  Colleagues were recruited haphazardly to shoot (except the one shot I set up myself, wedging the camera on my desk).  I am not entirely displeased with the result.

Go ahead.  Click the image.

(Note for those not enslaved ensconced in the corporate world:  The line, “You know I’m going to need an S.O.W. for this” refers to statement of work, which is what we need from (or approved by) a client to start work.  Defines the work, and the pay.)



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