The Huntsman’s Star Turn

Dec 5, 2012 by     Comments Off on The Huntsman’s Star Turn    Posted under: Adam Drew This, Film Reviews, Sketchbook
Red Riding Hood & the Huntsman, a sketch that was inspired by that OTHER movie last summer with a huntsman. Having two kids and a lot of storyboards to draw, I’m sometimes a little late catching up on new movies.

But when I finally saw it, just recently, I loved Snow White and the Huntsman. My friend and studio-mate Tyler heard they wanted to do another movie with the Huntsman…not Snow White. He thinks that would be awesome … there are a lot of cool Huntsman/ Woodsmen in fairy tales. Tyler wants to see the Huntsman vs. a Werewolf. He likes the version where the Huntsman sews rocks into the Wolf’s stomach and throws it in the river…

(And the Snow White movie looked amazing. Not really much story … but enough to hang all that beautiful imagery on.)

And Brian interjects here to point you to his reviews of Snow White and the Huntsman and last spring’s Red Riding Hood. [The lede:  “There’s nothing wrong with Red Riding Hood that burning every print of it (and probably the director and writer) wouldn’t fix.”]

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