Sketch-a-day Sketchbook

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I’m trying to draw in a sketchbook every day. Last Christmas, Jeni gave me a “One Sketch a Day” sketchbook.  You’ll say, “So? You draw for a living.”  Well, this has been the greatest gift I have received in years!

It’s pretty small, and each page is divided into two days.  So, really, all you need to do is come up with a small post-it size sketch each day. Sure, I draw all day every day … but I’m drawing other people’s stuff.  Fun stuff, awesome stuff to be sure, but ever since I started working on storyboards, that is all I do. It’s really all I think about.  I don’t have time for “my thoughts” because I’m busy trying to figure out how Green Lantern is going to get the hostage away from the bad guy.  How to stage that scene where Spider-Man is taunting J. Jonah Jameson.  A funny way for Tom and Jerry to break into a house.

Sketch-a-Day: First three days

I’m going to start posting some sketches from throughout 2011, and new ones as I do them. Click to enbiggen!

  • Dec 25, 2011 – Inspired by the angel atop our Christmas tree.  The original angel was drawn in marker by my daughter, Charlotte.  The description is what Charlotte told me when I asked about her drawing.  I absolutely love the imagination here. I certainly never would have come up with an angel that looked like this!  After nearly a year of sketches, this is still Jeni’s favorite.
  • Dec 26, 2011 – Self-portrait.
  • Dec 27, 2011 – Munchkin.  Another present from Jeni: the Munchkin Board Game.  It’s a Dungeons and Dragons style game with funny monsters.  I love it.  And it takes a while to play … but it has a definite end.  Just right.  Many thanks to Brad for figuring out the rules.  (Hopefully he wants to play again this Christmas…)

All of it is fun … I love what I do … but there is no time for my thoughts or ideas.  So, here’s this sketchbook.  It’s small.  I just scribble whatever is on my mind.  Sometimes it’s something cool. Sometimes it’s totally lame because I’m tired and getting ready for bed and I remember, “I need to do a sketch!”

Not too far into the sketchbook, I started missing days … which is terrible, since, hey, it is such a tiny thing to do.  But I go back and fill in the pages.  So, nearing a year of sketches, this little book has become the BIGGEST COLLECTION of my personal work that I have done since starting storyboarding full time in 1998.  That is a little sad.  But it is also AWESOME!  I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to have this little book of stuff that poured out of my brain.

Thank you, Jeni!


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