Demon Babies, good; Spoilers, bad

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The back of the sketchbook says to watch for patterns in my thinking.  I think about eating, sleeping and TV. Also, small creatures with mighty lungs and shifting moods.  I definitely think about this a lot; what parent doesn’t, right?

On the back of the sketchbook it says …

“As you fill the pages with sketches, you’ll see the evolution and rhythm of your thoughts and drawings.  Whether you’re an art student, a long-time sketcher, or the next great master, this journal will accompany you in your artistic journey, keeping a lasting record of your work and imagination that you can revisit any time.”

As you see what I have sketched, you’ll notice a few trends…I like to eat.  I like to sleep.  I like to watch TV.  I often sketch while watching TV, so you will find many attempts to capture likenesses.  (I am terrible at this.)  I have made a little note if the sketch was “missed” and I filled in the spot on a later date.  In preparing these sketches for the beloved internet, I have tried to add some color.  (I am learning … bear with my lame coloring …)  I have made a note if I have “modified” the sketch from the original.  Usually this is because the original is too personal or I sketched something I am working on that isn’t released yet.  (I don’t like spoilers, and I certainly don’t want to spoil any cartoons I have worked on.)

So, today’s installment, still digging into my earliest days with this sketch-a-day book:

Dec 29, 2011 –  Prelude to a storm…the angry little tyrant…

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