I-Con Sketches (part two)

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And finally, here’s part two of Adam’s adventures at I-Con, sketching for charity. And for people. People who fund charity. It’s an odd assortment of characters, ranging from the Red Tornado to Mickey Mouse to Space Ghost. Somethin’ for everyone.

That’s my setup in the hallway at the Adventureland Inn.  Jeni took the picture, otherwise you would see her sitting next to me entertaining the guests at the con.  Unfortunately, I cannot multitask and carry on a good conversation while drawing.

It was a dark and stormy knight…

My favorite comic of all time is Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. This Batman is trying to channel a little of that…  I did it for another talented local artist, Anthony Lucia.  He had some fantastic new prints at the show.  I didn’t have time to walk around, so Jeni got three of his posters for me.  Jeni brought his Batman sketch to him and he requested a Joker sketch to go with it.  (Gotta get crackin’ on that one…)

This Batman is getting a little closer to the Frank Miller feel … maybe because he is going to stomp your face!  Right now I am working on storyboards for a direct to video adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns comic.  It is really exciting–and intimidating!

May the Force Be With You

Do you think Sith Lords say that to each other too?  This is Brad.  He was arriving from the Twin Cities just as we got to the Adventureland Inn parking lot.  He was in his civilian identity at the time.  We walked inside with him towing a cart behind him.  Within minutes, he came by the table as his alter ego, a Tie Fighter Pilot.  It looks pretty cool.  He even has a trading card.  (Card #168)  I have seen Brad at several shows.  He has a really great collection of original art.  One of the projects he’s working on is a set of playing cards with a different character for each card.  (I think I drew Krypto and Ace the Bat Hound for my contribution to this set. This time Brad had 3 requests – Mickey and Minnie, Darth Talon, and Jinx from the Teen Titans.

I went to Disneyland this summer and got to see the new Star Tours ride…well, the ride isn’t new, but the movies you see in the ride are.  There are multiple segments, so I’ve heard you could go on the ride 54 times before you see every possible combination.  I rode on it twice and had totally different stories each time.  There is a lot of Disney/Star Wars art at the end of the ride, so Mickey and Minnie as Luke and Leia was fresh in my mind.  I’m sure there was a poster like this at Disneyland, but I wanted to take a shot at it myself.

Next was Darth Talon.  She is part of the comic book universe, which I don’t really follow.  Brad was kind enough to buy a couple of comics with Darth Talon on the cover.  She is cool, but the tattoos are a little crazy.  I’m glad I only had to draw her once!  (Just kidding … she’s a fun character to draw … probably not really any more complicated than R2-D2…)

Lastly, I drew Jinx from the Teen Titans cartoon.  She’s another bad guy who had some kind of “bad luck” powers.

The Merc with a Mouth

I think this is my first Deadpool sketch.  I never knew much about the character before he got his own series.  I think Deadpool #1 was my first exposure to Ed McGuinness.  He’s really good.  I thought it was a shame that they cast Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in the Wolverine movie…and then didn’t let him say anything!  For a truer taste of the Deadpool experience, check out Hulk VS.  The Hulk vs. Wolverine segment has some choice Deadpool lines … plus a really cool adaptation of the whole Weapon X storyline …


The Brave and the Bold

Hal Jordan and Barry Allen were the original “Brave and the Bold” pair.  (Jeni thinks it sounds like a soap opera title…comics are a lot like soap operas I guess …)  In the animated universe, I spent most of my time drawing the John Stewart and Wally West combination.  In this sketch, Flash is running slow enough for Green Lantern to keep up…

Best Abandoned Storyline …

I love Rachel Summers.  She is from a possible future of the X-men that never happened … the daughter of Jean Grey and Scott Summers.  I started reading X-men around the time she showed up … and I loved it.  The first X-men comic I read was the Dark Phoenix Saga, which ends with the  death of Jean Grey.  I thought that was a very cool and sad story.  One of the best … so I was thrilled to get a request for a sketch of Rachel, the result of a possible future that could never happen in “our” X-men.  (I am a sucker for time travel and alternate realities …)  It was fun to draw her.  I wish she was a more important figure in current X-men comics … she kind of took a back seat to Cable and the return of Jean Grey.  (Jean Grey is dead again … for now … they never should have brought her back … kinda ruins the impact of the Dark Phoenix story …)

Red Tornado

Griffin asked for Red Tornado because he loves the Batman: Brave and the Bold video game.

What good is invisibility?

One of Space Ghost ‘s many powers was turning invisible … however, I don’t recall a single episode where the villains didn’t find some way to see him anyways.  Stupid inviso-power!

Sibling Rivalry

Lydia has a cool sketchbook full of  super heroes.  She asked for Starfire from the Teen Titans.  As I was about done with the pencils for the sketch when she added she wanted Starfire fighting a bad guy … so I added a generic bad guy.  Then her mom added that the sketchbook was full of female super heroes … so I thought the bad guy should be a girl too … and who better than Starfire’s evil twin, Blackfire?

That’s pretty much it.  We had a good time, and we raised some money for The Leary Firefighters Foundation.  What more could you ask?  Since then, it’s been Scooby Doo boards and Dark Knight boards, which is why it took so long to get this posted.  Thanks again to everyone who stopped by the table, and everyone who contributed.

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