An Early Halloween Treat

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With Halloween nigh, here’s a supernatural image resulting from an effort to use a charity to get sketches from Adam. This started in 2008 with me thinking up elaborate art projects for what was supposed to be a quick-sketch project.

It was the first time Adam was going to do I-Con sketches for charity.  Just like this year, it was the same deal:  a quick hero, a quick ten bucks, and he let a few people know by email that he was doing this.  I immediately offered $50 if he’d go to town and do a fully realized image, background and everything.

It ended up being the Madame Xanadu + Hellboy sketch that I posted back when we started this site, and which I post here in full color, a recent digital experiment that suddenly makes the big framed black-and-white original on my wall look just a little paler by comparison.

In that same email, though, I threw out several one-panel gags for Adam to consider.  (I’d already tried getting him to draw a six-issue mini-series … I figured one panel was more realistic.)  And finally, just recently, he drew that very gag, to my delight.

[I’m trusting, here, that our voluminous readership recalls that Zatanna’s magic works by speaking her spells backward.  And that deadpan minor swearing is a Hellboy trademark.  Don’t you hate people who explain their jokes?  (I’m referring ironically to myself.)]

Recently, Adam and I were talking about those old ideas and he went and drew them.  That’s the major upside of starting this site together–I get to see tons of his art that I might never have otherwise seen.  I’ve got a couple dozen more sketches in a folder on my desktop that I’ve got to get around to posting, and just today he was telling me he’s got a whole box of sketches sitting beside his scanner making lonely eyes at him.

An interesting note about the colored piece:  He does Hellboy in very dark colors, arguably too dark against the background, and Zatanna’s color scheme, even her hair, are brighter than usual.

What that suggests to me is that Zee is in the spotlight, that of course this high-larious incident of rabbit slaughter took place during a performance of her magic act.  Without resorting to drawing the actual spotlight beam into the composition, Adam grounds the work in the only setting suitable to the gag.  Nice, huh?

Dude scanned all the process pieces as he went along (even an attempt at an homage to Bullwinkle, but that trick never works), so for those of us who dig backstage views, I post ’em all.  Enjoy.





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