Sketching Before I-Con: The New JLA

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Adam has been emailing me tons of cool sketches as he warms up for I-Con. Recurring theme? The Justice League. Also, wacky ideas I threw at him ages ago. But let’s just enjoy how Adam draws the “New 52” JLA.

The current Powers That Be at DC have relaunched their whole universe in a chaotic, partial reboot that includes a lot of slightly retooled costumes and a youthening of the characters. Images of the official new look are all over the Internet. Here’s some of Adam’s takes on the big names.

Most people don’t get excited about Aquaman. One of those people is definitely me. But I have to say, of all the costume-noodling that Jim Lee and Co. have engaged in for this massive relaunch, I think the Aquatweaks are among the best. And I like Adam’s take even better than the official images I’ve seen. Adam would draw the hell out of an Aquaman book.

Next, a few take on Green Lantern. That first pencil sketch really addresses the “New 52” look of the character. The others, I think, shade into a more classic Hal Jordan. I like me a classic Hal just fine. Adam makes the costume look like cloth rather than the 3D special effect you see in the movie or in the comics of the last decade or so. I think the special-effect costume is a great idea, but there’s something about that simple fabric suit as drawn by Gil Kane that’s so perfect.

Here’s a look at the very serious-looking new Superman costume, followed by some takes on Wonder Woman. Diana’s costume has been shifting incrementally for about a year now, and the first change, where she was wearing a little jacket over it, really didn’t work for me. At this point, the costume looks good. I’ll always have a soft spot for the classic costume, but I know there are those who have trouble with it.

My girlfriend watched the Wonder Woman animated film (big fight scene storyboarded by one Adam Van Wyk!) and when Diana is first debuting in our world, in costume, Petra (who had known nothing about Wonder Woman) asked why she was dressed like a hooker. I tried to work up suitable indignation, but literally four seconds later, a character in the movie made the same joke. Which, you know, was an unfortunate choice on the filmmakers’ part. But I suppose I should admit that the costume is a problem for some. This new outfit doesn’t have the iconic gravitas for me, yet, but it’s nice enough. ‘Specially here.


Enjoy that all you like, and remember, there’s a couple more days to email Adam (see the “who are you?” page) if you want to make a small contribution to charity in exchange for a sketch.

Or come on by I-Con, if you’ll be in Iowa this weekend. (I won’t, but I’d like to be …).

..And now a note from the artist…

Hi, this is Adam.  As you can see, I’m doing my best to imitate Jim Lee’s new Justice League.  (So far, out of all the “New 52”, I have only had time to read the Justice League one…it is good.  I clearly don’t understand how Green Lantern’s powers work, even after all these years of drawing him in the cartoons…)  The first issue only features Batman, Green Lantern and a pre-Cyborg Cyborg.  I can tell this is going to be a great story, but I was hoping for an 80-page giant that would introduce the whole League in a self-contained issue.  I can dream, can’t I?

In closing, a little gag we talked about a few weeks ago, when DC’s promotional materials kept shifting between showing Wonder Woman’s new costume having pants (black tights) or no pants (bare legs below the bikini-cut bottom). The DC brass clearly couldn’t make up their minds, and one could only imagine a frustrated Amazon dealing with Jim Lee’s sartorial indecision.


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