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A comic convention …. a fast (and friendly!) professional artist doing inexpensive sketches … and donating the money to charity.  What could you possibly have planned in the greater Des Moines area this weekend that could compare to this, huh?

I will be doing sketches at I-Con on Saturday.  Please come by and visit.  I am asking for $10 per sketch which I will be donating to The Leary Firefighters Foundation.

I saw this video by Denis Leary on 9-11 and it made me want to contribute to his cause.

I will do one character for $10.  Please add $5 for each additional character.  (So if you want Batman, that would be $10.  If you want Batman punching the Joker, that would be $15.  If you want the whole Justice League, that would be $40…)  I will sketch just about anything if you give me some reference … like this picture of The Huntress in her Joe Staton-era costume.  (This is for Brian … He’s wanted one of these for a while now …)  These are the pencils …

These are the inks.  In this case, I used a light table and inked on the back of the pencils.  I thought flopping the image would help me correct some issues as I went.  In this piece, you can see the tyranny of inking … I can’t really control it very well, so my thick and thin lines are all over the place.  However, on the plus side, I got some happy accidents that would never happen if I drew it in the computer!



And now, the tyranny of color!

Since I did this at the studio, I went ahead and colored it.  I tried to use colors from a Joe Staton issue …

And then, because you can do this kind of thing in Photoshop, I wasted WAAAAAAAAAY more time that it took to pencil, ink and originally color this piece messing around with layers and effects and so on.  One of the evils of Photoshop … you really do have TOO many options…

I could keep going, spending days on different options…and none really look much better than the flat fill color one.

This one if for Brian.  If you want to get your own sketch, come by and visit me at the Iowa Comic Book Convention this Saturday!

Hey Kid, You Want a Picture?

If you’re not going to be in Iowa this weekend, you can still have a sketch. The first 10 people to request a sketch will get one, at the same rates above, plus five extra bucks (which will also go to the foundation), can have it.  Email me at adam [at] literary sketches dot com and we’ll trade addresses.  You can mail me a check made out to the Leary Firefighters Foundation.  Offer expires when the ten slots fill up, or on Sept. 18, whichever comes first.

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  • Great idea…im in…Hope the comic-con goes well cuz :)

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