Funny Vader

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So this is how my night went…

6:18 I get a text from Brian that says, “You should draw Vader screaming “NOOOOOOO!” for the blog.  I am sure the internet is melting down over it.”

6:32 I text back, “Over what?”

6:33 I add, “Not that I need much excuse to draw Vader…”

6: 41 Brian texts, “Google is your friend.  Just search DV under News.”

So I do…and I find the stuff about changes to the Star Wars movies for the Blu Ray release.  I instantly think of this cartoon…

As I am looking into Vader’s added dialog and blinking Ewoks, my daughter wanders over to see what I’m looking at.  There is a big picture of Vader and she says…

And I start to laugh.  How wonderful is this?  This 3 year old doesn’t know Darth Vader from a hill of beans, but she likes him.  Vader is definitely a cool looking character.  I like that guy too.  I like that guy A LOT!  So here’s the thing…sometimes I don’t like the changes to the Star Wars movies.  (I really like muppets, so I was disappointed when Yoda became a CGI character.)  He’s always tweaking a little something.  (Personally I want him to take out the garbage mats around the ships…but most people don’t notice that, so it wouldn’t be worth the effort.)  But my daughter liking Darth Vader reminded me of something very important.  George Lucas made my two favorite movies of all time:  Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Empire Strikes Back.  These two movies will probably ALWAYS be my favorites no matter how many times I see them.  All that great stuff came out of George Lucas’ head.  (Or you could say he assembled a crew that could produce all that great stuff and he got the best out of them.  I think Raiders and Empire were both a magical convergence of talent.)  And all that imagination…BLEW MY MIND.

So, while I wish George Lucas was out there making new movies, he can mess with the one’s he’s already made as much as he wants.  I think he is sincerely trying to make them better.  He does listen to fans.  Look how many times Boba Fett shows up in the movies now…I believe this is a result of people wanting to see more Boba Fett.  (Sometimes people shouldn’t get what they want…)  Anyways, I love these movies and the characters George Lucas has created.  I just wasted an evening drawing them.  It felt good.  It felt like old times.  When I was a kid, I drew them CONSTANTLY.  These are my heroes and my villains.  I love them to death.  I busted out my old “The Empire Strikes Back Storybook” that I got in the book order when I was in 4th grade to do these portraits.  I am terrible at caricatures, but I had a lot of fun.  Bring on the blinking Ewoks!



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  • Adam, hi. Love the drawing u did of Vader bursting through the door behind Lucas. Can I have permission to post that on my wall? It’s hilarious!


  • Hi AJ,
    Yeah, definitely! (If you are patient enough and click on the picture twice, it gets big…you probably want that one.) Glad you like it!

  • Thanks Adam. Love it. Reminds me of our weekly meeting sketchbooks. Sadly, I just cancelled my pre-order for the blu-ray; think I’ll stick with the laserdiscs…

  • I totally disagree about Lucas’s eternal and never-improving noodling being remotely a good thing. And I’d remind you that he was neither director nor screenwriter on Empire. If anything, Lucas’s stuff gets better when he loosens his grip and steps away from it.

    But I’m on board with Charlotte being adorable.

    Also, I would buy Star Wars comics if they were hiring you to draw them.

  • Adam, long time no see buddy. Enjoyed your reminisces – also brought out the feelings of love and wonder. Keep up the good work!

  • Y’know, it strikes me that there’s only three kinds of people in George Lucas’ world:

    1. People who don’t watch Star Wars, don’t care about it, ain’t gonna buy it under any circumstance. These people cannot be reasoned with. They are the Lost.
    2. People who like Star Wars but don’t think about it. They view the grand story like a theme park ride, and they’re always happy to take the ride again.
    3. The hardcore, the ones who internalized this stuff because it spoke to them. Speaks to them still.

    Of these three groups, the only one that’s going to enjoy all of Lucas’s latter-day tinkering is gonna be group two, which is not the group to be catering to. Especially not at the expense of the third group.