Witch Aces

Aug 21, 2011 by     Comments Off on Witch Aces    Posted under: Adam Drew This
Adam: I was looking at the nose art on WW2 airplanes and starting to imagine the art coming to life and fighting alongside the pilots. Most of the art is pretty cheesecakey, so I imagined the glamour girls being witches who could fly on their own and use magic as a weapon.

Then I thought, well, they’re fighting, not in a bathing suit competition, so they should dress like pilots. (I’m sure all this was influenced by the Heavy Metal movie and that episode of Amazing Stories where the WW2 gunner’s drawings come to life. I don’t know if the anime Strike Witches was out yet…cause that is the same idea, only the witches’ legs turn into planes with propellors. And they fire guns. I haven’t really watched much beyond the title sequence…) Anyways, it was fun. I drew it on the computer, which at the time was pretty new for me.

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